Started1 was founded from an Idea of Carlo Tedesco and his teenage sons Gaia and Alessandro, after a long trip in California, with one goal: let the Shopping Experience of Millennials so much powerful and let customers choose Off-Line Shopping rather than On-Line.

A place where, even if u don't buy anything, u can talk about Sneakers maybe reading a specialized magazine and where you can also stay after shopping, avoiding that hit and run that endorses Products and Shops, don't worrying about waiting and uniqueness desire.

The customization is the other element of attraction that characterises Started1, because make it unique, yours and it's another example of how much emotion (in this case the need of express your own individuality) has a key role for the choice of the place for the purchase.
The goal is grow up more and more targeting exclusive models and releases, result of passion and continued research.
Started1 aims at improving this place for the youth, pursuing the idea that the charm is the key for convince them to the point that let everybody reproduce the concept of cozy in other places.